Georgian child saved by Abkhaz man

2016-09-09 17:04:52


This is a little story, which happened in August 2016, after eight years since the 2008 war between Russia and Georgia. Perhaps no one would pay attention to this story in another time and another place…But  this little story shows the difficult situation existing here…

A so-called Abkhaz border guard… the so-called border between the breakaway Georgian region of Abkhazia and the rest of Georgia… There were both extreme positive and negative appraisals on the social networks… Why did the Abkhaz “border guard” take this step? Why did he take such a risk? What is he thinking right now? In general, does he think about this story? The so-called Abkhaz border guard has saved a five-year-old Georgian child, who needed emergency medical treatment.

The so-called Abkhaz border guard confronted his Russian “colleagues” and despite the fact that the child did not have the required documents to cross the so-called border, the Abkhaz “border guard” allowed the child and the child’s parents to enter the territory controlled by the Georgian central authorities.

“The Abkhaz “border guard” said: “my mother has cancer, she is treated by Georgian doctors and they spare no effort to help my mother. Even if I lose my job, I must allow the child and the child’s parents to cross the border”. We were surprised by his behavior.  You may remember the story, which happened a few years ago, when a teenager, who was in a critical condition, was not allowed to cross the so-called border due to the lack of the so- called documents and this teenager died”, one of the eyewitnesses told the Georgian news agency PirWeli.   

The 5-year-old child visited the grandmother in the Gali district. The child hit his head. The child’s skull bones were damaged. The child’s parents immediately managed to take the child to the hospital located in the territory controlled by the Georgian central authorities.

“Events unfolded quickly. We learned about it later. The situation was critical”, Minister of Health of the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia, Ketevan Bakaradze told the Accent.

The child is now at the Kutaisi Maternal and Child Health Center. Doctors say the child’s condition is satisfactory.

News Agency Accent