Georgia accuses Russia of war crimes during 2008 conflict

23 May 2018 | 16:04:02

Georgia has accused Russia of war crimes, human rights violations and a “rampag

EU and US clash on Iran: an ex-spy's view

09 May 2018 | 15:03:26

Halting the Iran deal could plunge its nuclear programme back underground, the CIA believe

Don’t let Gazprom get away with market abuse

04 May 2018 | 15:03:00

When I heard that the European Commission planned to settle an antitrust probe i

Trump Bowed to Pentagon Restraint on Syria Strikes

16 April 2018 | 17:05:27

President Donald Trump deferred to his Pentagon chief’s caution and tempered his pre

Special Report: How a secret Russian airlift helps Syria's Assad

13 April 2018 | 10:10:06

In a corner of the departures area at Rostov airport in southern Russia, a group of about

Georgian MFA: Negotiations on Non-Use of Force Statement ‘Not Over’

21 March 2018 | 23:11:00

Negotiations on a joint non-use of force statement at the Geneva International D

EU agrees budget to focus on defence, security and migration

26 February 2018 | 15:03:34

EU leaders agreed on Friday (23 February) to spend more on defence, security and "stemming

The rise and fall of Mikheil Saakashvili

13 February 2018 | 18:06:33

In the early part of this millennium, he was an international icon of the movement toward

Brussels defends Obama Iran policy against Trump attack

05 January 2018 | 12:12:20

The deadly street protests in Iran have opened up yet another fault line between U.S. Pres

US Jerusalem move a chance for European leadership

21 December 2017 | 20:08:50

The US administration's brazen recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel